Who Am I?

She hails from the Dirty South! Pixie was born in Atlanta, GA and educated in the Cobb County School System. She is the oldest of 4 and has 3 children and 2 god children. She has a background in Accounting and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree.

Assisting people with finding answers to their burning questions has always been something she’s done. After being laid off from Corporate America, she was at a cross roads as to what to do? She was already accustomed to being in the world of Entrepreneurship and she wanted to return. Pixie has never done things the traditional way and this time was no different. After completing her certification to become a Life Coach, the first thing she did was fulfill her dream of becoming an author.

The Power of Purpose was released January 5, 2018. It was written to encourage, empower and motivate people to find and walk in their purpose. It also gives a glimpse of the events that have taken place in her life. Continuing on the path to help others, Bizzy Bossy Mommy, continued to on the path to changing the world one purpose at a time.

She wrote her next book, Forgiveness is Key and it was released May 30, 2020. She found that in speaking with people and working with her clients, a lot of them were walking around in pain and couldn’t move forward. Forgiveness is Key is offering a different perspective in order to go through the healing process and begin to move forward.

Continuing to build and empire, she created a publishing company in 2020 to work along side her ghost writing product. Her clients are able to publish their books and writings and also increase their bottom line while being visible with information and services they provide. It is her goal to make 50 published authors in 2020.

This is Pixie Lee!!

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