Bizzy Bossy Mommy

Bizzy Bossy Mommy is a life coaching business committed to helping others find their purpose in life and walking in their own reason for being. She is the author of The Power of Purpose. It is a spiritually based, self help, motivational book. This book helps you walk through your past in order to find the keys to your future.

This journey started after being laid off from her corporate America job, she needed to find what the next step was. Many had already told her that she should be a life coach but it wasn’t until she was faced with unemployment again, she actually began realistically looking into becoming a life coach. She became certified as a life coach in June of 2018.

Although this is when she received her certificate, she’s been helping others and giving advice much longer than that. She brings a real approach wrapped in a sense of humor to the table that allows people to relate to her and be able to make some real life decisions and move forward.

Prior to returning to corporate America, she was running a successful accounting firm.  The name Bizzy Bossy Mommy is a reflection of her life.  She is very bizzy with her book, the life coaching business, and she also runs a credit business. She is also a mother of 3 teenagers and of course, she’s BOSSY!!!

You will have those ah ha moments, when trying to make these decisions.  Pixie’s motto is to “help the bizzy mom, become the boss”.